Wind Damage Insurance Claim Ohio

Wind Damage Ranks #1 for Most Filed Type of Claim

This category includes the destruction caused by hurricanes, tornadoes, and the wind associated with thunderstorms, no wonder why it comes in first for frequency. When windstorms roll in, they often cause enough damage that repairs are greater than an insurance deductible, which makes sense to claim on a policy.

What to do After the Storm

Look for shingles in your lawn or that have discoloration, tearing, holes, or any leaks on the ceilings. These can all be signs that your roof has been damaged. Window frame damage or broken windows can occur in a strong windstorm. Be sure to look at your siding and AC unit for damage as well.

If a tree falls on your house after a windstorm or other weather event, you should evacuate and if it’s safe try to prevent further damage to your home and property by hiring a professional to tarp the roof or walls and remove the tree off of the property. Make sure to take lots of photos or videos to document what happened. Call your insurance company to file a claim and request an advance and temporary housing if needed.

Wind Damage Coverage

Some insurance policies state you have a time limit to report such damage from the date of the storm event. You also may have a separate deductible for wind. Under a replacement cost policy, insurers must replace the damaged property with “like, kind, and quality” that will result in a “reasonably comparable appearance”. Unfortunately, insurers do not seem to see eye to eye on this.

Most policies have limits of what is covered for tree debris removal and you should contact your local public adjuster to review your policy. You can be held responsible for damage to your neighbor’s house or property if your tree falls due to your neglect. If you see signs of a distressed tree such as dead limbs, cracks in the trunk, leaning to one side, or rot you should contact your local arborist. If the tree belongs to your neighbor, you should put them on notice by sending them the arborist’s report by certified mail.

Matching issues for roofing and siding claim

When roof shingles or siding are blown off one of the issues, we run into is that the material is no longer available. Another issue is that insurers like to pay for patchwork and the material currently installed has been weathered over time causing the new material to stand out like a checkerboard. The insurer may also partially deny your claim for the undamaged areas even though they are located on the same slope or elevation. In some instances, your roofer may not be able to patch an area without causing damage to the surrounding shingles due to their age and brittleness which is considered “consequential physical damages” and is your insurer’s responsibility.

Ohio, insurers must adhere to the state regulations preventing them from replacing an item that does not result in a reasonable comparable appearance. It is the home or business owner's duty to prove that such proposed materials wouldn’t result in a reasonable appearance.

Ohio Wind Damage Insurance Claim Public Adjuster

You have an insurance policy with a reputable company. You’ve always paid your premiums on time. Now that you have a claim, you just want what you’re due. Insurance companies are for-profit businesses. Minimizing claims increases profits.

You need experience in reading insurance policies and knowledge about construction and building codes. The insurance company is looking out for itself. You want an expert on your side protecting your best interests and the Public Insurance Claims Adjusters at Disaster Recovery Adjusters has got you covered!

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