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After a hailstorm, it is important to have a trained expert review your roofing system and other building components to determine if you have been a victim of hail damage.

We at Disaster Recovery Adjusters will prepare detailed scope and cost estimates to prove the loss to the insurance company, following a hailstorm. We are experts in the details and language of insurance policies, as well as filing and adjusting claims.

Disaster Recovery Adjusters use sophisticated software to undergo an independent evaluation of our client's property loss. We are not just better equipped to estimate the costs incurred from a property loss we know exactly how to log and submit initial and supplemental claims for the policyholder.

We have the resources and expertise to help you get the most out of your insurance policy’s coverage. We are state-licensed professionals who work for individuals and businesses, not insurance companies!

Hail damage Insurance info!

An all-perils property insurance policy covers your roof and the cost of replacing it if it gets damaged. But you are covered only if the damage resulted from a sudden accident or act of nature. Problems that occurred from age, wear, and tear is not eligible for coverage because they fall under the general maintenance responsibility of the property owner and are typically excluded within the policy.

Your roof is part of the structure and falls under the building coverage section of your insurance policy which typically protects you from perils such as hail, wind damage, wind-driven rain, tree damage, ice dams, and the weight of snow just to name a few. These damages would qualify the policyholder for a total or partial replacement of the roof.

You will have to pay your deductible before your coverage kicks in. Some policies have a higher deductible for damages that occur from hurricanes or hailstorms. In certain areas, property owners will have to purchase additional coverage, or a separate windstorm insurance policy. Some other stipulations associated with hail claims is that property owners may have 6 months to a year to file the claim, the policy may also exclude cosmetic damages. Understanding, how to read your insurance policy is crucial to a fair settlement. We are the experts in reading insurance policies to help determine what is and isn’t covered and what your duties are after a loss.

When the damage is less significant, is when issues can start to arise with your insurance company. Let’s say a windstorm breaks only the seals on a bunch of your roof's shingles. The insurance company may classify that as cosmetic damage, and not cover it. Or after the storm, you notice your roof is leaking. Even though it occurred from the rain, the insurance company might claim that it is a wear and tear problem from your roof's gradual deterioration due to age, which is never covered. The roof would then be excluded, but the resulting water damage covered.

Crop-hail insurance is a type of insurance that provides coverage for damage and destruction by hail and fire. Purchased by farmers, it is designed to protect agricultural products while they are still in the field and have yet to be harvested.

Crop-hail insurance protects the livelihood of farmers, who are often at the mercy of weather events. Hail is singled out because it has the unique ability to destroy a significant part of a planted field while leaving the rest undamaged.

Roof Hail Damage

Hailstorms can cause serious damage to a roof. The impact from a hailstone can bruise or crack roofing shingles, potentially leading to water damage in your home. You need to take action to repair or replace your damaged roof as quickly as possible or install an emergency tarp to prevent further damage from occurring.

Hailstones can leave dents or pockmarks in shingles and knock shingle granules loose ruining the appearance of your roof’s surface. The granules help protect your roof against rain and sun damage.

How Do I Know If My Roof Has Hail Damage?

After a hailstorm, it is crucial to get your roof checked for damage by a professional. Hail falls randomly and may only damage a few houses in a neighborhood, so your roof may have damage even if your next-door neighbor’s roof doesn’t.

Signs of hail damage around your yard and property can be:

  • Dents in cars or mailboxes
  • Plants stripped of their leaves
  • Damage to exterior furnishings
  • Damaged air conditioner units

Hail Damage Roof Inspection

You will want to get on the roof to get a close-up inspection, as most of the damage may not be visible from the ground. If you have an asphalt shingle roof, you may notice small divots, round black areas, bruising, and loss of granules collected in the gutter following a hailstorm. You also will want to assess other roofing components especially soft metals for damage, like flashing, roof vents, skylights, gutters, and chimney caps or covers. We recommend scheduling an inspection with Disaster Recovery Adjusters to perform a thorough inspection of your roof. We use the most sophisticated technology and experts to document and present your claim for a fair settlement!

The Resemblance of Hail Damage on a Roof

It is important to correctly identify the type of roof damage to properly present the insurance claim or even if you have a claim, to begin with. Damages on a roof that can be construed as hail damage are:

  • Blistering and cracking from the sun
  • Scuffing damage that occurred from installation
  • Wind and debris defacement
  • Worn-out shingles
  • Lycan moss

Can You Prevent Roof Hail Damage?

Installing Class 4, impact-resistant shingles, may help to prevent or reduce the amount of damage from hail or debris. This may also qualify you for an insurance discount. You may also want to consider adding insurance endorsements to your policy for code upgrades, material matching, and roofing material upgrades. 

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